April 2018: Beliefs (Part II)

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Beliefs (Part II)               Page or Pdf Introduction Purpose of Belief Formation of Beliefs Levels of Belief: Operative,      Intermediate, and Core Limited, Mistaken, and       Distorted Beliefs Expansive Beliefs Beliefs in Action...

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March 2018 Letter: Beliefs (Part I)

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Beliefs (Part I)     Page or Pdf    Introduction Importance of Belief Categories of Belief Opinions Beliefs About Cause and Effect Beliefs About the Nature of Reality Beliefs About Ourselves Beliefs About Our Values Beliefs About What Is Possible for Us...

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August 2017 Newsletter, The New Analytical Matrix

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The New Analytical Matrix                                                          Page or Pdf Why should we use the analytical matrix? Aspects of Life Abilities of the Month The Analytical Matrix Using the Matrix Pleasure, Pleasure and Addiction Passion, Deprivation, Frustration, and...

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July 2017 Newsletter, Pleasure

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Pleasure                                                                Page or Pdf Definition The Function of Pleasure Ability of the Month Pain Yin Yang Symbol: Pleasure and Pain How to Experience and Enjoy Pleasure Blockages to Pleasure Misuse and Abuse of Pleasure Addiction to...

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