October/November 2018      Page or Pdf     Quantum Physics, Belief, and Choice Part (I): Introduction, Newton’s World, The Message of Quantum Physics, The Science of Quantum Physics, Explanation of the Double Slit Experiment and Results, Conclusions From the Experiment, Conclusion

September 2018     Page or Pdf     Choice Part (II): Why We Make The Choices We Do, Putting Choice Into Action, Dealing with Consequences, Evaluating the Outcomes of Our Choice, Making Better Choices, Resistance to Conscious Choice, Conclusion

August 2018        Page or Pdf    Choice Part (I):  Introduction, What is choice? The Importance of Choice, Types of Choice, Conclusion, Future Topics About Choice

July 2018             Page or Pdf    Beliefs Part (V): Creating and Using Expansive Beliefs, Changing Beliefs: Introduction, What Expansive Beliefs Do, Finding Expansive Beliefs, Examples of Expansive Beliefs, Creating Expansive Beliefs, Changing Beliefs, Examples: Feelings, Self-esteem, Self-acceptance, Conclusion

June 2018           Page or Pdf     Beliefs Part (IV): Changing Beliefs: Introduction, What should we change? Identify the belief that you want to change, Creating A New Belief, Installing the New Belief, Living Your New Beliefs, Conclusion

May 2018            Page or Pdf    Beliefs (Part III): Identifying Beliefs: Introduction, Techniques to Identify What You Believe, Identifying Operative, Intermediate, and Core Beliefs, Exploring and Understanding Our Beliefs Using the Categories of Belief, Conclusion

April 2018          Page or Pdf     Beliefs (Part II): Introduction, Purpose of Belief, Formation of Beliefs, Levels of Belief: Operative, Intermediate, and Core, Limited, Mistaken, and Distorted Beliefs, Expansive Beliefs, Beliefs in Action, Conclusion

March 2018           Page or Pdf      Beliefs (Part I): Introduction, Importance of Belief, Categories of Belief, Opinions, Beliefs About Cause and      Effect, Beliefs About the Nature of Reality, Beliefs About Ourselves, Beliefs About Our Values, Beliefs About What Is Possible for Us, Conclusion

February 2018      Page or Pdf     The Past, Memories, Beliefs, and the Self-fulfilling Prophesy: The Future, Present, and Past, The Past And Memory, Beliefs And Expectations,  The Self-Fulfilling Prophesy, Beliefs and the Self-Fulfilling Prophesy, Examples, Change

January 2018       Page or Pdf   Comfort Zone (Part II): Exploring New Aspects of The Lower Level: Introduction, The Comfort Zone, Challenge for Your Growth, Pain to Act On, Pain to Tolerate, Tolerating Painful Feelings, Identify and Change Beliefs, Conclusion

December 2017      Page or Pdf    Boundaries, the Comfort Zone, and Holiday Happiness and Joy: Introduction, Boundary Review, Comfort Zone, Sources of Happiness and Joy in The Holiday Season, Holiday Stress, Warning, Changing Beliefs with Questions, Conclusion

November 2017      Page or Pdf    Boundaries: Constructions of the Self: Introduction, Definition, Physical, Mental, and Emotional Boundaries, Defense Mechanisms, Forming Boundaries, Healthy, and Dysfunctional Boundaries, Boundary Humor, The Art and Science of Using our Boundaries

October 2017       Page or Pdf     Self-Love, Narcissism, and Selfies: Selfies and Narcissism, Narcissism and Self-Love, Definition of Love, Self-Love, Definition of Narcissism, Entitlement vs. Deserving, Extreme Narcissism: A Disturbance of The Self, Effective Parenting Dissipates the Narcissism of Childhood and Adolescence, Dysfunctional Parenting Encourages Narcissism, Antidote to Narcissism: Self-Acceptance, Self-Love, Self-Esteem, And Self-Worth, Conclusion: Self-Love

September 2017            Page or Pdf     Selfies: Purpose, Identity, and Image: Selfies Introduction, Purpose of Taking a Selfie, Ability of the Month: Self-Awareness, Identity, Image, The Dark Side: Misuse and Abuse of Selfies

August 2017                   Page or Pdf     The New Analytical Matrix: Why should we use the analytical Matrix? Aspects of Life, Abilities of the Month, The Analytical Matrix, Using the Matrix, Pleasure, Pleasure and Addiction, Passion, Deprivation, Frustration, and Aggression

July 2017                        Page or Pdf      Pleasure: Definition, The Function of Pleasure, Ability of the Month, Pain, Yin Yang Symbol: Pleasure and Pain, How to Experience and Enjoy Pleasure, Blockages to Pleasure, Misuse and Abuse of Pleasure, Addiction to Pleasure

June 2017                     Page or Pdf       Values Part III: The Distortion of Values, Foundations of Understanding, Ability of the Month: To Discern of Value, Do Distorted Values Exist?, How Can We Tell If We Are Holding a Distorted Value?, What Causes the Distortions of Value?, Correcting Distortions of Value, Related Issues

May 2017                    Page or Pdf           Values Part II: Discovering Our Values, Resolving Value Conflicts, Ability Of The Month, To Discern Value, Discovering What Your Values Are, Changing Your Values, Value Conflicts, Resolving Value Conflicts

April 2017                   Page or Pdf            Values Crucial Yet Misunderstood: Our Purpose; The Definition of Values; Importance of Values; Ability of the Month–To Discern and Create Value; Misunderstanding Values; Using Values to Enrich Our Lives; Values and Mental Health

March 2017:               Page or Pdf             Resistance Part II: The Blockage that Keeps Us from Being, Doing and Having What We Want, Ability of the Month, To Have Courage, Sources of Courage, Resolving Resistance by Changing Thoughts and Beliefs Using Questions, Example.

February 2017:          Page or Pdf            Resistance Part I: The Blockage that Keeps Us from Being, Doing and Having What We Want; Our Purpose: To explore resistance as we initiate change (New Year’s resolutions) for ourselves, Definition of Resistance, Ability of the Month: To Be Able to Feel Fear, A Brief Look at Courage, In Self-Appreciation.

January 2017:           Page or Pdf version     The Past, The Present, The Future: Goal Setting – Our Resistance to, Hope – The Power of, Ability of the month: To Sense Time, Self-Appreciation – Inspiration

December, 2016       Page or Pdf version      Holiday Issue: Eliminate Holiday Season Stress, Happiness and Joy, Balance and Harmony, The Ability of the Month: Feeling.

November, 2016       Pdf version only         Inaugural Newsletter: The Age of Empowerment, Our Logo, The Rainbow and the Infinity Sign as a Metaphor, and the Ability of the Month: Discernment.