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Contribute to the International Institute for Self-Development by paying the full price for the manual. When you pay the full price the additional $3.00 goes toward fulfilling the mission of the International Institute for Self-Development. The activities of the institute include:

  • Developing and offering low cost educational programs
  • Publishing books and free educational literature
  • Offering workshops, self-development coaching, and leadership and parent training
  • Maintaining and expanding the website

Full Price: $17.95 (Includes $1.50 handling fee)            Discounted Price: $14.95 (Includes $1.50 handling fee). Enter “discount” as promo code at checkout.           eBook Price: $ 9.99

Suggestions: The Operating Manual for the Self is a self-help book and a reference book. Either the print version or the eBook version function nicely as a self-help book. The print version works best as a reference book since the eBook does not have the index. Of course you could buy both versions and have a constant companion wherever you are. You can also use the cover of the print book as a reminder to value and develop your Self.

We wish you well on your journey; your adventure in self-discovery and self-development.