• Each day is new. Each hour is new. Each minute and second is new. Yet most of the time we don’t notice the newness. Newness is a sign of change. As new can be exciting, change can be exciting.
  • The flow of time produces change. Since we live in the flow of time and cannot stop it, change is an inevitability in our lives. Hence the phrase, “Go with the flow.”
  • What is good (wanted) and what is bad (unwanted) end.   We automatically, without thinking, create our next new moment. With awareness we can create more of what we want and less of what we don’t want for the moments of our life. As we do this we can appreciate change.
  • Awareness of how things change in our life is empowering and challenging. We are challenged to use awareness to create more of what we want for ourselves. We are challenged to develop the ability to accomplish this.

Point of Empowerment: As each moment is new, we have the opportunity to change what we don’t want into something we do want.

Practice: Take some time to consider what you want for your next moment of time. Do what you can to create that for your Self.