Wisdom of The Operating Manual for the Self

The following statements contain some of the wisdom of The Operating Manual For The Self.   A full exploration of these ideas can be found in the book.

  • All growth and change begins with self-acceptance. Self-acceptance states: As a human being I will make mistakes. It is ok to make mistakes. I can learn and forgive myself.
  • There is always resistance to change. Resistance is natural and necessary.
  • All behavior, (thinking, feeling, acting) has the purpose of fulfilling our needs.
  • Knowledge is power when you put ideas into practice.
  • Self-worth is an innate part of who we are. We have self worth by virtue of being human. We only need to uncover it.
  • Self-esteem is created. We create self-esteem for our selves by evaluating our behavior, motivation and attitudes. The criteria for our evaluation is our principles, ethics, values and ideals. We ask, “Are we putting our principles, ethics, values, and ideals into practice?”
  • We have self-esteem when we do the right thing, for the right reason and feel good about it. We experience a quality of our Self, our goodness.
  • A healthy conscience allows us to feel good as we do good, for the right reason.
  • You cannot have healthy self-esteem without a healthy conscience.
  • Your destiny is your destination, where you are going. To change your destiny, change your identity and image.
  • To expand your personality adopt new traits.   To expand your being adopt new qualities.
  • The Self is a system, like the human body, that functions automatically, unless you take charge of it.
  • Our boundaries are sacred.
  • The ego lives on the surface of our boundaries.
  • Wisdom is learning what works and what does not work in life. We learn by making a choice and experiencing the consequences of that choice.
  • A challenge for your growth is to: Think about every thought you have. Seek to feel good all the time. Give and receive only love.